Tuesday, 15 January 2013

T1W2 Homework

If you want to be an entrepreneur in the future with your group members as partners,  what kind of business / industry would you want to be in?
Please include:
1) Company name
2) Product
3) Tagline (slogan)
   And as this is a GROUP assignment, please include all 3 or 4 of your names below. Thanks.

Deadline: Next Tuesday, 22nd Jan, Midnight.


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  2. Hi Avani, firstly, please elaborate on your product. i.e, what kind of cookies. Secondly. please include all the names of your group members. Thank you.

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  4. 1) The Big Bang

    2)We will sell educational kits like science kits. We will publish picture books on Science. If possible, we will continue to expand our business and conduct workshops in primary schools teaching them "magic" which is not, it's just science experiments. We will not use the labs, instead we will bring students out in the field. We want to make it big, make it exciting. For example, we know that if we mix cornstarch with water, it will become sort of solid-liquid state. Thus, we are going to bring a whole tank of cornstarch and allow students to run across. It will be something like that.

    3) Make it big, make it happen.

    Ni Xu Gang Metta
    Darelyn Lim Qi Xuan
    Pan Ziyue

  5. 1. GoGamer

    2. We will sell a variety of games to cater to all sorts of people, from soccer to adventure, on all gaming platforms.

    3. At the top of our game.

    Group members:
    Rachit Agrwal
    Chua Tuan Jin
    Meredith Teo

  6. 1. Superwave

    2. We will be selling a variety of shoes such as sport shoes, normal wear, etc.

    3. Run like you have never run before!

    Group Members:
    Asritha .V
    Itmam Azwad
    Claudia Khin

  7. 1) The Swaggeration

    2) We sell stationeries but they will be unique as the company would modify them

    3) Life's good, now it's better

    Group Members:
    Yasha Lai (7)
    Sanjana Suha (9)
    Wong Kang Zhi (24)

  8. 1 Bonus level
    2 We will make and publish a variety of amazing video games.
    3 Taking games to the next level
    Timothy Ng
    William Ming
    Crystal Chee

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  10. Name: Dat Cookie

    Product: All types of cookies, from chocolate chip cookies to white chocolate chip cookies

    Slogan: Om nom nom, that's the way the cookie crumbles

    Avani Jain
    Matthea Koh
    Lim Ding Wen

  11. Name: Phantasmic

    Products: Gaming products, card games etc.

    Slogan: Every Gamer's Paradise.

    Bryan Loh
    Sa (Brandi Lai)
    Christopher Kok

  12. Name: Toughbone

    Product: Durable and reliable hiking, trekking, mountaineering etc. gear and necessities.

    Slogan: The new definition of hard.

    Joel Teh
    Chow Zi Jie
    Teo Ji Hao